At FDM Solutions we can turn your 3D CAD designs into working Prototypes. Be it for Trial Fit exercise, Proof of Concept, Assembly Trials or Risk Mitigation DFMEA exercises we have it covered.

If you need a functioning prototype, we have the design and make experience to ensure your design functions as intended.


  • Production of compressor blade for CMM Pre-programming
  • Positive Mold forms for Shot-Peening masks
  • Telemetry stubshaft for System testing of Fan Rig.
  • Blade locking Concepts.
  • Trial fit fuel lines to validate design and inservice assembly.
  • Valve body for rig testing - Used to set up test fixtures for enviromental testing.
  • High Speed rotating rig Drive Shaft for vibration analysis – 14000RPM within 14 hours  (exhibited considerably lower vibrations than the standard steel version -  Delivered next day and tested).
  • Kiel Head Probe clamp and positioning jig for welding Kiel heads to Guide Vanes on turbo machinery.
  • Fuel system bracket work
  • Gearing concepts
  • Future Product realisation - Civil aero engine models.
  • Model train hardware N-Gauge train sets.
  • Commemorative project souvenirs.

let us take care of your 3D Printing Needs

Whether it is a single "one-off" print or an array of prints we offer a service that is tailored to you.


We also offer contract services for those who need more. So if you will be requiring multiple parts over the course of the year then we can arrange for a service contract and account, this will reduce purchase paperwork and allow you to focus on your designs. Contact us for a quatation.

Service partner to Anecom AeroTest GmbH

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